Dance artist designing and embodying situations that engages with the chaos of the world and the chaos within. From a ballet training to now multiplying into distinctive sensuous states and aesthetics, Nicholas Bellefleur is infinitely transformed by context. Thanks to recent incarnations of LFDT’s prompt-based neopunk choreographies, the brutally poetic physicality of Virginie Brunelle, Dave St-Pierre’s challenging ideas and practices, and the athletic and conceptual works of Andrea Peña & Artists. Founder of performance lab A SAFE(R) SPACE, associate director of LFDT, affiliated artist with Cas Public are all postures and relations facilitating the pursuit of Bellefleur’s research. Enchanted by pattern emergence and plural spontaneity, Nicholas finds solace in the study of creative entanglements involving notions of spatial justice, resonance, conflict, responsibility, liberation and care. Nicholas also guides bodies of all types, genders and capacities with choreographic tools and technologies of improvisation inspired by the somatic logics of Wynn Holmes, Gioconda Barbuto, Tilman O’Donnell.

dance artist

situational designer