I am a movement-based artist located in tiohtià:ke mooniyaang Montréal. My work investigates the praxis of safe(r) spaces, response-ability and collaboration. I believe in holding space for exchange, justice, decoloniality and healing — orienting efforts towards a reimagining of new horizons of being-with. My research delves into explorations of cohabitation in resistance to the ideological and sociospatial divisiveness of the current times. Embodied practices of care, pleasure activism, curiosity, queer re-imaginings and creative conversations are fundamentals of this slow revolution I seek to play a role in.

Since 2019, I inquire questions of consent, relationality, dissent and singularities with the project A SAFE-r SPACE. It adopts queer aesthetics and depicts the fraught ethics of belonging. Ethnographical choreographies, residencies, formations, collective gatherings, the project continues to morph and multiply into new identities as it expands to respond to the dance/LGBTQ+ community’s needs.